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Originally Posted by BeRzErKaS View Post
It's a good thing canadian geese don't poop while flying.

The last thing I need is some giant dinosaur bird dropping a half pint of putrified grass and insects on my hood when I least expect it.

ugh... Imagine the cleanup. I bet carwashes would be more expensive. Roof of my house would be mess. Sidewalks too. Umbrellas would need to be built tougher. What a mess.

And why don't we eat canadian geese? They don't look very difficult to catch. All they do is stand around chiillin all day. I bet I could run one down on foot. I'm sure I could. I should try.

I will try.
they will **** your **** up FYI... especially if they have goslings around. they have a very tactical low flying "fly by" that they will do if you get too close - I have had this issue while golfing during the year.

and we do eat Goose
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