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Originally Posted by Drizzles View Post
Actually mine did that after I got my rack re done.

First, DIY some things, pull apart your wheel and brake assemblies, it's not necessary to clean up the Calipers and pads, but it is something I would do while your there, most people use a wire brush, I used a Bench Grinder with Buffing attachment then used a wire brush for the other hard to get to areas.

Then with Brake & Parts cleaner and the wire brush, clean all contacting surfaces, Hub surface, both rotor surfaces and the wheel surface, ensure a nice, clean smooth surface, and reassemble. Obviously do this to all wheels.
I noticed that the driver side wheel is stuck while the passenger side turns freely, when I had the car up on the lift. Also the procedures you mentioned are the same exact ones that I've been doing for years. So glad to see you know what you are talking about Most people just jump on a topic and start giving ideas without even having any experience on it.

Originally Posted by Drizzles View Post
If that doesn't fix the problem, take it to the best wheel shop in town, get them to do a full alignment and balancing, front and rear, as well as check for rim damage and flat spots. Obviously make them aware of your problem and that they need to fix it. My tyre shop actually got me some steel shims, that slot over the hub area, and the wheel fits snugly over the top and centers properly, get them to fit some of those, as they will properly center your wheel.
So I am going to work on the calipers and such and see how it goes. I found a local shop with Hunter RoadForce Alignment equipment. Taking it for an alignment after. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks for your help
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