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Thanks guys. Working 8/9-5/6 sucks! All my other jobs had flexible hours, so I was always able to eat ALL the time and be able to go to the gym in the afternoon. Now I will try to go right after work (around 6pm)

Originally Posted by Eazy-E46 View Post
Pick up a box of Quaker instant oatmeal. Don't know if you're looking into losing weight but oats help a lot!
The plain kind, right? Not those instant packs w/ fruits/sugar?

Not trying to lose weight, trying to gain a bit actually.
Originally Posted by 13// View Post
+1 on oats, you can always add apples, bananas or grapes
Yea, I'll probably be going with oats.

Originally Posted by bimmerchop View Post
Overnight oats!!!!!

Originally Posted by bimmerchop View Post
Either/or. I LOVE overnight oats, so many possibilities too...

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Scrambled eggs and protein shake w/ milk.
I would probably be too lazy to make eggs in the morning.

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hard boiled eggs for me... pop a couple of those and they hold me over until i get into work where i have my oats.....

fruit cocktail
Do you just boil them the night before and eat them in the morning?
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