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Originally Posted by honkifyoubonk View Post
a few questions, did you get the h7 adapter plate? (obv . my car takes h7 bulbs now but idk) and what kinda of wiring did you have to do if any?

would this be sufficient for the bulbs and ballasts? im a little confused on the options for the kit though? any help would be appreciated.
yea that would be the kit, and as far as the adapaters, the projector will come with it when you order the projectors off of

Originally Posted by n3985 View Post
Great DIY, I wonder if the same process can be used to add the projector to the high beam for us with OEM Xenons resulting in a cheap quad projector setup.
you can use it in the highbeam bowls but like stated above, it wont benefit the highbeams just have quad projectors but for light perfomances, its a bi-xenon, hook it up, get it flashed and just leave the highbeams for flash to pass lol

Originally Posted by psan03 View Post
Will this throw an error?
nope it wont

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