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Originally Posted by trhine View Post
trhine - sedan
$75shipped would be the best group buy for the bet fanatics! just letting ya know
Let us know when you get that deal as well bc that is what we want also. Shipping alone cost more than what you are quoting.

Originally Posted by e46mook View Post
lol id be happy with the price of the front bumper that they have going on right now. These things disappear in the for sale section within minutes
We try to keep things as long as possible for the sale price but once that window of opportunity has been gone, it will be gone for a while unless we have many clients email us about it then we will have it up again.

Originally Posted by RHLP3 View Post
I am really on the fence with these deals - I think the reason they fly off the For Sale forums is the fact that most are local pick up. I agree the price is phenomenal but I just have an issue with paying $100 for shipping the front then most likely another $100 for shipping the rear bumper. Especially considering I see "FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $150!" in a signature and I work in Supply Chain Logistics - For $200 bucks I could have both parts bundled and sent FedEx 1st AM.

Now don't get me wrong I realize that the ~$525 for both (shipped) is about what I would pay for the front from another vendor; which is why I am on the fence. The shipping cost just doesn't sit well with me.
Actually you will be surprise we ship more than have local sales. With free shipping, we tell everyone what is qualified and what isn't on the webpage that is bought as well as the customer service page.

Bumpers don't get packed together and have to be packed separately, as you work in the shipping logistics, you know how much damage can be obtained during shipping when carriers step on the box, drop or even throw them.

For the size of the bumper, 100 dollars per bumper is fair. These are all oversized boxes and the rear bumper wont' even get onto the fedex truck. If you want cheap shipping, then Greyhound is the way to go, but we wont ship that way as we don't have time to go drive to drop off bumpers and then have the customer go pick up the bumpers when they paid for shipping to get dropped off at there location.
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