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Originally Posted by bioman View Post
Alright, can one of aficionados give me recommendations on good dual tap kegerators? $1k budget, best one available. Needs to be reliable, efficient and have a good design. If I could spend less, than great! Will be in an office.

Most people build their own from parts - since they can build exactly what they want. If you want built-in kegerators, it gets a little complicated because of air flow. I had a Summit built-in that was great. It had an extra squirrel fan installed in the back, so it could suck cool air in from under the front of the kegerator, so you could install it with zero clearance around the edges. I ordered the single faucet model from micromatics and then ordered a dual faucet tower and parts from Keg Connection (those guys are awesome, by the way).

My kegerator:

101 pages of custom kegerators at

Keg Connection:
- they sell pre-built kegerators, too.

Oh, and don't buy a commercial kegerator because they are really loud.

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