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I haven't debadged yet because I'm worried about being a poser.. I only drive a 323i....Gotta have the 2.5 liter pride though!!! I'm supoosed to have nearly the same accleration as `03 A4 3.0...(7.1 sec from mftr site)
Once the warm weather comes, I'll probably do it. I've got a pair m135's ready to go for the summer, clears, and tint. It's a modified car anyway..why not add a little mystique. But if you step outside of our ethusiast world for a second many people really know the difference anyway....and if they do then they should be able to tell just by looking at the car.... Honestly, the more you think about....The general public only see the BMW and not the other numbers on it. Count me as a debadge candidate, and if I had s/c..hell yeah
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