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for the people that look at this poll and say that it shows that just as many 330 owners debadge their cars as the lower models. Take this into consideration- if you look at another poll on here which simply asks us which model we drive ( http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=84320 ) it shows that their are far more 330 owners on this board then any other. So this means this then that it is potentially more likely, for a 330 to respond to this then any other model owner. It also shows that the percentage of 330 owners who debadge is much less then and the percentage of 325 owners much more. Just trying to bring up a point that should be taken into cosideration..

Anyways the reality is that people debadge for both reasons. It is stupid to think that no one debadges to "hide" what model they truely own. People do, many people do, I personally know people that admitted it. I should also add that Ive seen and spoken to many many people with debadged cars, and the majority where 323 and 325 owners. Just and observation.

However it is also stupid to deny the fact that people DO do it for the clean look. Many people honestly think that it looks less "busy" in the rear with it off and cleaner overall.

The point is, there really shouldn't be a debate on this, people do it for both reasons

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