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Originally Posted by steven747 View Post
awsome thread of F/I infor i cant wait to see the final product and 15 psi? on a TT kit whats stage 2 come from Nick at? and i believe around 375 crank for stage 2 is what i rememebr is there a stage 3 or 4 now?
Originally Posted by zx5rider View Post
Its 375 at the wheels because if thats the case then my stage 1 is faster I dynoed about 320 hp at the wheels.

and right now there is no stage 3 or 4.
Stage 2 is the last official "kit", but there are a number hardware changes a person can make that will bump power above this level. The problem is that so many parts need to be upgraded once you get above Stage 2 power levels, that most people with 330s won't be able to justify the cost. Nick is open to discussing hardware additions, but it would be on a strictly case by case basis. I really don't think there's a business case to offer a kit above Stage 2.

The good news is that if you do decide to add the supporting mods, the Technique Tuning kit is very well setup to accommodate the added airflow because it's a "blow through" system. Porting the head, adding mild cams, or adding a huge open exhaust will be "seen" by the MAF so the appropriate amount of fuel can be added. It won't run as smoothly as the Stage 2 tune, but you'd probably be pretty close. can pay Nick to do a custom tune by sending him your car.
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