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Originally Posted by Scubasteve2365 View Post
the Dynavin will not be able to control the existing satellite radio receiver. The Dynavin has RCA level input, so any device with those outputs can be used to get signal into the Dynavin however you will be unable to control such a device with the Dynavin. You would have to get a new satellite receiver and be willing to control that receiver directly with it's own controls (which means no hiding it in the trunk or glovebox)

Most people that preferred satellite radio that ended up with a Dynavin use the satellite radio apps on iPhone (maybe other platforms) and then connect their phones to the Dynavin.
Well that kind of sucks. Any plans to allow satellite control in V6? I can wait.

(In the meantime, are the Sirius/XM apps on the iPhones any good? I can't imagine they'd be any more reliable than regular AT+T service... which is to say, it'd be terrible.)
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