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While I have not driven a new 525, I have been driving a 2008 Acura TL type "S" with 40k on it for about a month now, (it is a company car I get at work) and I am not impressed. It looks good in a travel appliance sort of way, but the seats are only ok, the acceleration is reasonable, handling is good, for a car this size, but you can tell it is a heavy car, and it rattles and squeakes over bumps, and it sucks gas. I do not beat this car and the best mileage I have been getting is 23 mpg combined (using the Acura trip computer). My 2003 325Ci (with 25k more miles on it) is more fun to drive, is quieter, handles better and is more comfortable. My guess maintiance on both cars will be pricey unless you do it yourself, but if I had to guess the BMW will cost you more. I would look at a new body style Nissan Maxima if I were you.
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