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Exclamation is my tranny guy full of crap??

okay guys, i am new to this forum and actually a member at another site but this forum had the most information regarding the no reverse issue. i read this thread thoroughly and this is what i have gathered:

1)my tranny is a GM bc my production date is 2/2000

2) it could be a simple fix as the TCC-PWM solenoid but prolly more in depth like a valve body problem

Here is my problem, my reverse goes out (only twice so far) and will come back after driving. I took my vehicle to a tranny shop and he stated that my solenoid checked out correctly and it is more like an internal problem like a reverse drum clutch. BUT when i read this thread along with other linked threads, the reverse drum clutch is only a problem for the ZF trannies.

1) If my vehicle was produced before 3/2000, is it GUARANTEED that my tranny is a GM??

If so, then is this tranny guy just blowing my lid so he can charge me more?? I really need your help guys because he is wanting to charge me $2100 for a complete tranny overhaul plus the HARD parts. I know compared to dealership and other tranny shops his price is a steal but if i don't really need to replace the reverse drum clutch, then why do it, right???

What do y'all think??
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