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Thanks for your replies GuitarmanTT!

It's a 2001 330i. I'm in Sweden and Bmw don't seem to mind much about recalls and what not, once your out of warranty. Seeing it's a 2001, warranty is long gone, and on this one I'm on my own.
Actually I've lost faith in Bmw. Recently spent roughly 2000 U$ to fix a problem with my 335. They just swap out parts, let the client pay and doesn't seem to mind at all... Anyhow my problem was due to an electrical glitch in the DME, which I found after a lot of

I'll probably just head in to Bmw to pick up a new brake pedal switch, even though I don't think that's the problem. But since I'm running out of options, that's the way to go....

If anyone has any further ideas, please share.
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