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Originally Posted by mbozz93 View Post
So this is what was fixed in the end:

- The inlet manifold had a major air leak
- PCV + Hose were also replaced
- A coil pack also had to be replaced which fixed the misfiring

Altogether it set me back $1200 AUD :/
The coil pack alone cost $363 AUD

2 days after everything was fixed the coolant started leaking and I'm guessing it is the expansion tank. It seems to be common for the expansion tank on this car model to have to be replaced.

Will be picking up the car tomorrow so hopefully the bill for that is not too expensive
Great to hear you got it sorted bro, now we can start getting excited about that cruise

It may pay for you to look into DIYing some things too ... you would have just saved yourself probably half (or at least close to half) of what you just spent.
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