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My Ride: 2001 325cic
2001 e46 325 Ci DICE Silverline Message - NO CORE DE

Just installed my silverline into a 2001 e46 325 CiC

Right after I installed the Dice, my iPad worked perfectly fine with the radio and the wheel controls. After I hooked up the aux cable and set that up, when I went back to my iPad it no longer worked. I have also tried my Nano 2G and iPhone 1G and neither work.

I get the following message: "CORE NOT DE" followed by "DETACHED"

When I plug in either the iPad or the iPods it shows that they are "ATTACHED" but there is no control or audio.

When I hit CD5 and switch to AUX, I can use the aux cable fine, but under iPod mode - nothing.

I went through the steps recommended in the previous thread, both disconnected the fuses, and unplugged my battery. But each time I do it, I get the same message "CORE NOT DE"

What should I do?

Thanks in advance.
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