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The consensus in this thread is that intermittent no-reverse condition is caused by bad valve body.
If you're like me, I'd get 2nd and maybe even a 3rd opinion outside of this forum.
If you're a tinkerer, you're probably thinking of checking the ATF fluid level or want to do an ATF drain and fill. It's up to you. I'd just check the ATF level. Not saying low level ATF is absolute root cause of no reverse but must be topped up after ensuring there's no leak.

Caution: Learn the proper procedure for checking and drain/fill before you tackle them.

323i/Ci 1999 - 2000 A5S360R (up to 03/00). A5S325Z (from 03/00)
325i (M54) 2001 - 2005 A5S325Z (up to 03/02). A5S390R (from 03/02)
325i (M56) 2003 - 2005 A5S325Z
325Ci 2001 - 2005 A5S325Z (up to 03/03). A5S390R (from 03/03)
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330i/Ci 2001 - 2005 A5S325Z (up to 03/03). A5S390R (from 03/03)
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Number ending in 25Z is ZF. Tranny ending in 60R & 90R are GM.
You have a GM Tranny A5S360R.

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