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Originally Posted by AirFrcd View Post

So true, lol.

Side note, are you coming to Bfest? You can ride shotgun with me in the M5.
I just got all my upgrades installed today, including the ESS software tune; WOW, what a BEAST she is now - seriously!!!! I am STOKED!
I wish I could but I have a photoshot with the car on Saturday and I might have to go to Boston friday night for a few hours. So I can't commit

Originally Posted by faelar View Post
Something like this?

Identical issue. Pull your plugs.. check em out.. bet they look the same.

Originally Posted by TaZaM3 View Post
Ixu27's here and they work pretty well for me. Changed them once so far after I noticed a small stuttering issue. I actually tried those plugs you have and my car would not run well at all.
Did you try the R2525-10's or 9's? Is 10 just to cold?

Originally Posted by Evil Twin Rob View Post
Not sure if the built motors take a different plug, but I was told to not use anything but Denso. I believe they tested the NGK and they just did not perform well. Of course, there is absolutely no place in my town that sells the Denso.
Thats what I've seen all the 1-2.75 guys running.. maybe I should try those?
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