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As an enthusiast, I can look at a stock BMW and almost always know what model it is, maybe even what year, at first glance, regardless of the badge. I know that certain wheels, bumpers, window trims, headlights only came on certain year cars. For example, you can tell the difference between a 330 and a 328 by the wheels, and the titanium headlight trim. Those are just a few examples. The badge might as well be an afterthought.

Ask yourself this: Are you an enthusiast (of any kind, not just BMW), or a badge buyer? Badge buyers care about badges. Period. Would a 1980's vintage 325e, 1993 325is, or 1997 318ti catch your interest on the street, or would you dismiss them because they're driving an "old," "slow," or "low-end" BMW? The only posers I know of are people who belittle others for buying or driving a "lesser" model. I get excited whenever I see an older Porsche or BMW on the road, or a newer modded 323/325/330, even 318...a car doesn't have to be expensive or new to be cool to me.

I haven't debadged yet, although I might when I start heavily modding my car. And if I do, I really don't give a damn what anybody else thinks. Debadging to trick people into thinking you have a more expensive car is insecurity, but so is attacking people who do just that.
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