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Originally Posted by TheMushine
The car is beautiful and immaculate..basically looks and smells like new. The car's a stick with black leather and moonroof. It has 36,000 miles on it and is all highway to work and back. It was mostly a car to get to work and back. Its got a couple cleared out lighting, Limo tinted windows, and chrome front grilles and also just added 19" chrome Konig Prophet wheels. Rides just like stock but they fill up the wheel well nicely. It drives beautifully with absolutely no problems. I have pictures on request but it just snowed so the cars a little dirty from driving and has a little snow on it but you get the basic idea. The wheels are not on the car right now do to the snow so they stock ones are on. I paid $27,500 for this car about a month and a half ago and I'm looking to get back in a Trans Am which I had previously. I'm a motorhead, I can't help it! Just reply or e-mail me at if interested. Thanks. ~Chris Massaro

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