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I have had my Dynavin V5 installed for a week now and am gradually finding my way around it.
GPS working fine as is Bluetooth and CD. Fitted reversing camera yesterday and am very pleased with it too.

Problem is the radio. Both AM and FM very bad, fading in and out, static and reception depends on direction vehicle is traveling.

My 325i is 6/2001 and was fitted with the later HU and Antenna Amplifier, in that the head unit had only one antenna cable.

Unit is Phillips made in South Africa (Australian cars were all assembled in South Africa)

Note this unit does not have the second antenna lead as the earlier ones do.

Now from what I understand from this thread AM/FM Upgrade Post #1, the later OEM HU supplies a 12v signal to the Antenna Amplifier via the antenna cable and aftermarket head units often require the injection of 12v into the antenna coax. (See the above link, post #65 on page 4 and post #81 on page 5). Now I checked the central pin of the coax from the Dynavin at the amplifier and I do not have any voltage at all.

I have removed the Antenna Amp and cleaned the contacts and screwed it back firmly - no real improvement.

Question:- Do I need to inject 12v into the coax to get my radio up to full power?
Is there a possibility of damaging the Antenna Amp?

How have folks with 2002- 2005 E46s with Business CD gone with radio reception when installing a Dynavin V5?

Edit:- Only thing I haven't tried is putting back the OEM HU and seeing if the coax is delivering 12v. Anyone with a later NG (New Generation) HU want to pull their rear pillar and check the center of the coax for 12v?

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