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Took out the Dynavin and reconnected the OEM HU. Radio fantastic on both AM and FM even while still in the Garage. Measured the voltage of the center of the coax at the Antenna Amp at 5V.

It appears that this adapter

Needs to be replaced with this one that injects 5v into the coax line:-

Looking at this thread I believe the circuitry is something like this:-

This injects about 5v into the Ant Amp while isolating the Dynavin HU from the DC voltage.

I have ordered such an adapter and see that the Top Left Pin of the HU Plug is the switched 12v which I will use to power it.

I will let the list know when I have received the adapter and installed it.

Edit:27 May 2011
My Powered Antenna Adapter arrived today and has been fitted. FM is now amazing ... even with the car in the garage under the house ALL Melbourne FM stations coming in loud and strong.
AM ... not so good. No reception at all ... oh well, the FM is much more important.

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