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Originally Posted by be-doubleyou View Post
3 things:

1. Yes you will rub. The offset of those rear wheels is too aggressive to run 255's. A 235 can work but 225 is the best size to prevent ruibbing.

2. Your front tires are too tall/too large of a diameter. It should be a 225/35/19, not 225/40/19.

3. Just my opinion, but a more aggressive fitment such as OEM m3 wheels needs a drop in order to look proper.

GL with the wheels.
Great information be-doubleyou! I was wondering if 225 series would stretch enough to fit the rear wheels without any compromise, but see yosolo is running 235 on his rears. He didn't mention if it rubbed or not though. At this point I'm contemplating on whether to buy new tires for these preowned wheels or just sell them and buy a completely new wheel package from Victoria Tire .... At this point it will be about the same money invested.
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