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I left my E46 for a TL 6MT in white as well.
Originally Posted by kirill1221 View Post
I own a 2005 TL 6 speed and I very much love it. There are so many great things about the car that add character to it. Autos have tranny issues. Go with 6spd if you can. Its def reliable and when you DIY you save even more. Power is there. VTEC is not loud but adds a punch. Also with them being Hondas, many parts can be had for dirt cheap.

6spd= Brembos in the front+thick a55 front upper strut bar+firmer suspension.

Yea it is front wheel drive but nothing is stopping you from staggering it anyways. Acuraziners do it all the time.

Best bang for your buck imo.

If you have anymore questions in detail about the car. Feel free to ask or pm me and I would be more than happy.

PS. Type-s does suck on gas. 23mpg sounds about right. I get around 28 with 60% highway / 40% city
Dont forget we have LSD as well. Can you say fun?
I get about 25mpg but then again, I drive the car like it should be

Originally Posted by hudatder View Post
Maintenance wise...the Acura TL has the advantage
Sex appeal...the BMW has the advantage
Driving Experience...the BMW has the advantage
Interior design...Tie (Not everyone would agree due to elitism and bias)
Gas Consumption...the BMW has the advantage 28mpg highway (the TL has 26mpg highway, both have 18mpg city)
Douche Stereotype...the BMW has the advantage

So according to Utilitarianism ethics...the BMW would give you the greatest amount of pleasure

But seriously, you should look into a lexus or infiniti as well.
The Lexus IS350 can be found for about $25k with decent mileage,
The Infiniti G35 sedan or coupe can be found for under $20k with decent mileage too
Um sir, check the mpg again. TL have 20 city/30 hwy (TL def has the advantage in that department)
Other than that, everything else is true

Originally Posted by JJR4884 View Post
Couldn't have said this any better

OP.. TL 6 speed is what you want

If you want to go the easiest route, Acura all the way. If you don't mind giving a little TLC and can afford fixing a $60k car, then the 530i would be nice.
+1. Couldn't be put any better
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