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Yeah, I help Jake installed it today.

PEOPLE! Once you remove the main belt driven Mechanical Fan and the front Aux Fan the new Electric Fan literally drops right in place and it will plug/play into the existing Fan Shroud connector.

I'm surprised there is now EIGHT freaking pages and literally NO pics or videos showing how EASY the Electric Fan drops in.

In terms of geography the Electric Fan ONLY replaces the Mechanical Fan's Shroud adjacent to the air intake snout.

When done there will be a huge empty space where the Mechanical Fan was AND a huge empty space where the front Aux Fan was.

And NO you CANNOT have both the Electric Fan and the front Aux Fan at the same time! The Aux fan will block the Electric Fan and create a flux disturbance that will rip your engine bay apart!

The Electric Fan MUST replace both Mechanical and Aux Fan on the Steptronic car!


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