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Originally Posted by dmax View Post

You won't get your answer in this need to read many, many threads to know what the truth is.

I'll give you a hint. OE is in my opinion the best for the range of conditions your car will experience. It's not only the safe choice, but it's the safest choice.

You don't care about brake dust unless you're bothered more about appearance than stopping, and it's exactly the same with rotors. They're not on the car as a decoration, they're fn brakes...for, you know, stopping.

Brakes...for stopping. We don't care about dust or looking cool, we wants our bmws! OE. Face Munich, apologize for your thoughts...make roundel on forehead with brake'll be fine!
Do you do track time?

If answered no: Then you need not worry about cracked rotors due to heat. I'm sorry, but on the street there is no difference between the highest quality blank and the highest quality drilled rotors

If answered yes: You should be vary concerned with your brake fluid, pads and rotors. If you're out there for a long time going hard you will begin to see extremely hot temperatures. Brake fade due to temperatures and boiling fluid due to crappy brake fluid are not things you want to experience. High quality rotors will give high quality performance - they will have a low rate of failure.

OEM parts are not always best for track - please don't try to tell me otherwise. One can "get away with" lower quality blanks than with drilled. The the rate of failure will be much lower for cheap blanks than for cheap drilled.

I don't see anyone recommending he buy the cheapest drilled rotors he can - that would be stupid. Obviously only run drilled if you know that they are of sufficient quality for your needs, can spot problems before they hurt anybody, and accept the risks involved

De gustibus non est disputandum.

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