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I was forced to undertake this complete cooling system overhaul after my expansion tank exploded last week. My parts just came in and so I started taking everything apart. That is when I discovered the situation was must worse than I had thought. When the expansion tank exploded, pieces of it must have hit the radiator fan because one of the fan blades was completely broken off and another one was cracked (by the way, fan came off easily with a cresent wrench and hammer strike technique). So I ran to the dealership today and paid $65 for a new fan. Tonight I got back to taking off parts. When I pulled the expansion tank off, I noticed a small part was broken where the expansion tank connects at the bottom. The part had a number on and I was able to determine it was the expansion tank thermostat. I don't want to wait to have one shipped so I will have to call and see if the dealership has the part. The list price is over $90 for that stupid little part. I also just discovered that the coolant level sensor was damaged in the explosion and I hadn't ordered that part either.

So my question to the forum is what other parts of the cooling system were possibly damaged in the expansion tank explosion? What else should I check out before I start putting everything back together? Thanks.
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