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They look cool, but that's about it in terms of a street car. There are no downsides unless they are holes drilled in an already low quality rotor, or the holes are drilled too large and too close together by some idiot. Going with the bigger OEM names like Brembo, Balo, Ate, and Zimmerman is a pretty safe bet if you just want some nice looking rotors.

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^those are cast perforated rotors if I'm not mistaken. They don't have the weakness of cross drilled ones by design.
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the OEM performance ones are cast perforated?
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Zimmermann products seems to be cast perforated (even if vendors advertise them as cross-drilled... marketing...)
There is no such thing as rotors with "cast holes". It's a cost prohibitive idea with no benefits, as any hole, regardless of drilling or casting, is going to be a stress riser. If anybody actually finds any proof showing otherwise, I'd love to see it.

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