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Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
I think a 2-piece floating drilled design (like the 330 performance rotors and the rotors found on newer M-cars) would probably be better than single-piece blanks. The floating design allows for lesser weights and for lower overall brake temperatures. Both factors lead to better brake performance. While a blank floating rotor might be even better, they're not exactly common. I don't think any BMW has come with blank floating rotors since the E39 M5.

I don't think cracks will be a significant concern on a well-designed rotors. You don't really hear about the newer M cars cracking their rotors all the time.
I agree with everything you say other than two things:

-Lower overall brake temperatures, no. What does a floating rotor have anything to do with the cooling of the rotor? If anything, overall temperatures might be higher since rotor heat can't travel to the top hat any more.

-Floating rotors are quite common when there is the money and the car ends up on the track. BMW used them stock on the E46 M3 CSL/ZCP and E92 M3. Look at any of the good brake kits for race use and they are almost always floating. Most factory race cars these days come with them from the factory.

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