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Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
Well I was thinking lower temperatures for two reasons: A) aluminum is better at dissipating heat than iron. And B) Generally floating rotors also have directional cooling vanes - I don't think I've ever seen a set that didn't have them. I've yet to see a 1-piece rotor with directional vanes sold for the E46

For the second point - read my post more carefully. I said blank floating rotors, like the ones on the euro E36 M3 and euro E39 M5, aren't too common these days. The drilled ones like the ones found on the euro e46 m3, CSL/ZCP, and all recent M-cars are obviously fairly common.
Well, that separation and small contact area between the floating rotor surface and center hat brings heat transfer way down to negligible levels. The directional cooling vanes aren't a floating rotor specific thing either.

And yes, I did misread the "blank" floating rotor part. In response, I will post a picture of Performance Friction's really cool floating and dimpled rotors that they use on the Formula 1 C63 safety cars. Directionally vented, dimples with a nice radius, a special mounting setup that puts the top at bolts in double shear, and then there is the fact that they are like huge 15" rotors.


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