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Originally Posted by doshu View Post
Mercedes when they first introduced their cars with cross drilled rotors, they had a major recal due to majority of the rotors cracking.

We are talking about Benz here, I highly doubt the recal was due to design flaw. it's just a fact that less space equals less traction, therefore less grip and performance, not to mention it eats up your pads faster, causes more brake dust. There was also a study somewhere when Benz recall happened, and according to it, if not drilled and designed properly cross drilled rotors will end up heating furthermore than blanks, poor air flow, same with slotted.

It sure looks cooler, but you don't **** with suspension and the brakes.. Ever..

If I am on a track that requires ton of braking I would go slotted, on street blanks. My car still looks pretty damn good, and I rather not pay extra money to risk rollover or worse.
And I would say your entire argument is invalid since you don't even know high school level physics.

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