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Originally Posted by k2pilot View Post
Wow i didn't see spongers ridiculous posts until now...

You'd have to be an even bigger moron to think every photo of a UFO ever published is 100% fake. For that to be true it would also necessarily be true that all flying craft in all photos can be exactly specified... If i took a picture of a stealth hawk or the williams x-jet before these craft were publicly announced, they'd be unidentified, and in the case of the x-jet you wouldn't even be able to tell me what kind of flying craft it is or how it works.

And that was cowmoo's point, as i'd mentioned much earlier in this thread, the contrails of many of those rocket like craft were obviously not contrails, but instead a plasma exhaust, and since there are currently no publicly known craft that can operate in atmosphere with a plasma based propulsion system, they are UNKOWN, aka UFO's. So as cowmoo stated, the question isn't whether they are real or not, but if they are human or extra terrestrial.

And i'd definitely check out the National geo shows if i wasn't in smelL-A..
I am sure that a lot of the pilots and support staff probably get a few laughs when they go to work in the morning and hear about another UFO report. And they know it was them flying in the area the night prior.

I wonder if the govt has ever (or how often ) encouraged sightings or even made false reports themselves to detract from the fact that they were testing a new aircraft that they did not want anyone to know about.
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