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Originally Posted by Schnitzer325ci View Post

There are people and governments who follow Masonic rituals to invoke spirits and get them to do work for them. In return they offer their souls to Lucifer.

The governments have been continuously working for the last 60 years to slowly and sequentially persuade the people/society that there is a possibility of UFOs, via mass media, books, tv, films, you name it!

This is in line with their agenda for the mass population to follow the false messiah when he arrives, before the real messiah returns (Jesus to you and me). If you do believe of course.

2012 is considered to be a historic period, where the world will see many changes including the sighting of alien life forms...

To my belief, known as Jinn. To the uneducated... ET and his family.

DONT Believe the HYPE!!!!!
That's probably pretty close to the truth.
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