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Originally Posted by Raymond42262 View Post
Have you heard of this one ?

The Thiaoouba Prophecy.

Thiaoouba Prophecy

Thiaoouba Prophecy (ISBN 0-646-31395-9) is a book written by Michel Desmarquet and first printed in 1993 under the name of Abduction to the Ninth Planet (ISBN 0-646-15996-8). The author claimed that he was abducted by aliens from the planet Thiaoouba in June 1987. He was instructed by the people of Thiaoouba to write an account of events that has happened to him and to delivery several important messages. The book also gives an account of the history of the Earth and humankind.


In the book, the author had visited briefly the Earth's parallel universe. Thao, the mentor of Michel explained that parallel universe is like Bermuda Triangle where the parallel universe becomes confused with our universe resulting in a natural warp that sucked literally everything that is at immediate vicinity of it. It was explained that Bermuda Triangle, just like human appendix are accident of nature as there donít have precise reason of existence. During the transit between the earth and Thiaoouba, the author has visited a planet that has been devastated by nuclear warfare. Nuclear winter and genetic mutation from ionizing radiation have been described. The people of Thiaoouba were trying to assist survival of the nuclear holocaust indirectly by re-populating known plants and animals without revealing themselves.
The intergalactic spacecraft that the author traveled is capable of travelling several times faster than light. In order avoid the spacecraft from being shattered by cosmic dust, the space-craft is equipped with anti-particle accelerator gun firing stream of accelerated particles around and ahead of the spacecraft .The anti-matter is stored under immense pressure.

A brief history of humankind
Thao revealed to Michel that the Chinese and the blacks were the first inhabitants of the planet Earth migrating from the planet Bakaratini 1 350 000 years ago as their planet was cooling down just like Mars. There was life on Mars long time ago but unlike Earth, the biodiversity was poor. They brought along kangaroo, goat, grass-tree (Xanthorrhoea) just to name a few. The black chose Australia and the Chinese chose Burma as first settlements. They experienced great difficulty in adaption to the new climate.


Thats really interesting.
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wat?? guys with turbo M3's don't have woman troubles...

try adjusting your wastegate
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