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Originally Posted by Professor X View Post
Hmmm, tempting!
Life is too short, give in to your temptations!
Originally Posted by guybeemer View Post
Dang, very nice car! Wish I had seen this 2-3 weeks ago when I was looking then.

Good luck with the sale.
Sorry, I should have posted this sooner Thank you!
Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
Geez that is one helluva deal. Sucks I'm not in the market
Im sorry you arent in the market either!
Originally Posted by thinkdammit View Post
Omg! Snik - buy it and I'll take care of it 'til you come back! *winkwink* It's beautiful!
Yes! Whoever Snik is buy it! This car needs another owner! Thank you!
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