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Originally Posted by jlevi
From what I've heard, it's safer and more beneficial to transplant a turbo'd E36 M3 engine... which is capable... at most... of like 900 ponies. E46 M3 is already pushing really high compression, right? Correct me if i'm wrong.

The problem isn't the S54 motor. The problem is the fact that the companies were trying to F/I the motor without reworking the internals. The S54's motor's compression is really too high for reliable F/I duty. All of those companies would have been more succesful had they changed pistons/rods. On behalf of the companies doing the R&D, they only did it that way to keep costs down for the consumer, however, they found that the consumer would be in a worse situation by applying such a procedure. Now that the internals are being changed, it shouldn't have a problem.
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