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Originally Posted by pbcoco View Post
I doubt that it will. Most like to play non-team/non-objective games, which is mw3. I for one will skip mw3 and be playing bf3. Got really piss at BO.
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I only play the objective based games in COD as I do like that there's a reason to be playing other than just killing people. TDM run-n-gunning is boring to me.
I like class systems for other types of games but have only tried it out in FPS' with the old Resistance 2 MP and now the new Brink game.

MW3 will still sell a ton and make a load of cash but I'm getting bored of the series and really irritated with the $15 dollar map pack wallet raping that Activision is doing. I ain't buying any DLC for COD:BO's and I ain't buying the MW3 game this year.
I should've stayed with my previous buying system and stuck with getting COD every other year.

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