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Originally Posted by Sansho View Post
The CCV itself can get plugged up and the dipstick drain from the CCV can get clogged up too. I recently had an oil leak and determined it was the oil pan gasket, which I replaced. The only other oil leak that pops up is the oil filter housing, which is in front of the CCV valve. I don't recall hearing anyone who posted about a rear main seal leak, although I'm sure that can happen.

The CCV parts can be bought from a discounting BMW dealer for under $150. Several have kits where they've put the parts together. Replacement is involved, but doable for the home mechanic. Here's the DIY I used:
Is a CCV the same as a PCV? Mine just drips a drop maybe two when driven then parked.
It doesnt keep running out over time. Wow looked at that DIY...I am not near that mechanically inclined.
Oil change, brakes, minor stuff yeah. LoL


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