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Originally Posted by DangerousMind View Post
I had an experience at the range last night. I went with two of my buddies to a local indoor range. We had rented two lanes and were getting situated and we hear a bunch of giggling coming from the door area. We turn around and see a black guy dressed like a thug walk in with a basket full of rental weapons followed by five females. I ignore it and begin shooting at my target. When I finish with my 2 clips, I step back and see one of the girls turn an presumably loaded Glock my way while looking back at the guy. He looks at me and then tells her to keep the gun pointed down range. The other girls laughed and giggled. I must have heard the guy say this 2-3 more times during my time there at the range. I also heard the guy yelling "Ooooh girl you look sexy as hell with that fowty, unload that clip!" and "No triple taps!". I saw the typical one handed horizontal thug shooting style as well as the loaded gun being dropped on the floor. When we were about to leave, the guy approaches me with a loaded glock in his hand and asks how he "locks the top of the gun back." I was absolutely appalled at the lack of knowledge and utter stupidity of this whole group. There should be a competency test administered before somebody can go to the range and shoot a firearm. The nonchalance that these people had while shooting handguns removed any question from my mind as to how these bigots can go around blowing people's heads off. It was a game to them. I made sure to stay behind my partition at all times, but should have informed the range officer of the ordeal.
So the range you go to allows 6 people on one lane? That's unreal. My range only allows 2 people per gun owner. Meaning if I'm the only one with firearms(no matter how many) I can only have one other person with me. If two people have firearms then a total of 4 are allowed. You also can't even rent a gun unless you already own one.

Definitely would have gone to the range officer. I'm usually shooting with someone who's shooting for the first time so I would have made an example out of the kid. Plain and simple.

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