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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
I'm usually a live-and-let-live person and just let stuff be, but I would have gone to the range officer about that guy. The two indoor ranges in my neck of the woods are pretty heavily monitored, and they're pretty good about getting on the PA and yelling at people when they need to. Too bad your range staff weren't being more vigilant. If I ran a range, I'd require everyone to demonstrate to me that they could fully operate the weapon before they took it out onto the range. To do otherwise is just irresponsible on the range's part. And as you experienced, dangerous.
The range I went to is hit or miss with regards to the diligence of the range officers. There is never any type of competency check. I would definitely require one if I operated a range. Not only would it keep potentially dangerous situations like that to a minimum, but you could assert how serious even holding a loaded firearm is. Those idiots were acting as if they were playing with a toy. With that attitude, they should not be granted the priviledge.

Originally Posted by speedcrazy1532 View Post
So the range you go to allows 6 people on one lane? That's unreal. My range only allows 2 people per gun owner. Meaning if I'm the only one with firearms(no matter how many) I can only have one other person with me. If two people have firearms then a total of 4 are allowed. You also can't even rent a gun unless you already own one.

Definitely would have gone to the range officer. I'm usually shooting with someone who's shooting for the first time so I would have made an example out of the kid. Plain and simple.
They had 2 lanes between the 6 of them. None of them were gun owners and frankly, none of them except the guy looked as if they had so much as held a gun before. The only posted rule AFAIK is that nobody can rent a gun if they are by themselves; they must be with at least one other person.

I usually visit a different range, but a friend wanted to try a gun that they had for rental only at that range.
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