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As the first major repair on my car, I researched the hell out of this DIY. It's simple enough in theory, but was a beast in practice, at least for a novice. Not to say I wouldn't do it again, but I'm glad I know what I do now. Most of the trouble was getting the axle out of and back into the differential. Despite how the guy in the youtube video goes about it, I would NOT have been able to accomplish this project without the assistance of air tools. (am I the only one that finds everything twice as hard as it looks in the videos??? ) I promptly got myself an assortment of air ratchets, wrenches, and a hammer after seeing how beneficial they were. Two things that I'd pass on is to make sure you have a 36mm 6 point socket (somewhere in my research I had found you should have a 46mm socket... typo?), and make sure to get the damn thing back in there all the way. A couple days after the job mine worked its way back out while I was going down the road... the dealership mechanics had a good laugh with that one.

After a couple months, I am getting vibrations/grinding noises. I'm hoping that an alignment and diff fluid change will fix that up. Dealer said they changed the diff fluid, but there is a reason I like to do things myself...
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