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Originally Posted by Itadienekes View Post
Good input, thanks!

No tremors or violent shaking while accelerating.
But definitely some low-frequency whomping noises when decelerating which sounds like bad bearings.
Probably a relatively new problem, but since I don't know 100%, and the big investment is the labor, I'd just rather get new axle assemblies (Reman'ed) and get it over with.
I've had the same experience for the last month or so, maybe more. There has been that same low frequency whomping noise coming from my left front tire. No tremors or shaking though. I attributed it to uneven tread as the previous owner had over inflated the tires. I figured the sound would go away when I replaced the tires. So, I picked up some new to me rims and tires (TSW Mondellos with Toyo Proxes 4's- 225/40/18- came with an additional rim, one tire needs to be replaced- crack in the sidewall but the other tires are only a month old- all for $400). I haven't had the chance to put them on the car yet but I think my theory about uneven treadwear may only be partially right. Just after loading the rims in my car, I took a fairly sharp left into a parking spot only to hear a clunking noise. I haven't had it checked yet by anyone other than me but I tore the right front boot almost identically in the Fall. The funny part is that I haven't heard any noise since this happened Monday night.

For me, money is an issue, so my plan is to get the boot fixed and hope it will last. My front diff was replaced last summer due to a failed seal so I'm hoping the rest of the internals are ok (axles, etc.). I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
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