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Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
This truly saddens me that I can't fux with this.
It saddens me too
Originally Posted by Nait Sirhc View Post
Is the soft top already on the car and does the automatic open/close function still work? How does the hard top function with that? I've never seen an M3 vert with the hard top so I'm not sure how they operate. Do you just put the hardtop on when the soft top is down?

Also, in the pics, it shows that the SES light is on... is that still the case?
The soft top is never removed from the car, it just retracts back as if you were to go topless and stores in the soft top compartment. Everything functions properly as it should. The hardtop is placed on the car when the soft top retracts, there are mount points for the hardtop to anchor to. The hardtop is one piece that when removed is stored separately from the car. The picture that shows the SES light is a picture I took before the car was actually on just to show the mileage and it was running the bulb test so it shows several bulbs on that aren't actually warnings. The SES light does not come on when operating the vehicle normally. The only light that does turn on is the airbag light when a passenger sits in the passenger seat due to a bad sensor in the seat itself.
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