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For SC'd cars ALWAYS carry a spare belt. They can be HELL to find in a pinch...special order very often. Dont forget a spare AC belt. The SC belt will take out your AC belt if it is a catastrophic failure.

Cut vent holes in your valve cover to allow your coils to run cooler. Get creative and create a venturie effect.

Look in getting a better LSD for traction like an OS Gikken. Monitor ALL your bushings, sub frame bushings, front diff bushing, RTABS, etc. They will be more prone to failure.

Look into getting a CATCH CAN.

Monitor for OIL LEAKS in your lower oil line hoses near your alternator. For some reason these can tend to weep when you have any F/I, so I am told.
Mine did.

Keep ALL oil off any SC belts. The belt will slip and self destruct.

Severely lowered cars like those on KW coil overs are more prone to axle breakage, especially if you have any wheel hop with the DSC turned off. A BMW shop foreman said that the new angle of a severely lowered car puts a LOT more strain on the Axle and CV. Look into getting DSS 1000 HP axles or the very least, raising your ride height just a LITTLE. That right there will help a lot.

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