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Originally Posted by myothercarisatruck View Post
Went to Auto Zone to check the service engine soon codes and it cam up as volkswagen. Is this normal or did they screw up.

Didn't give me a code per se, but said air injection system insufficient flow.

Probable cause is faulty air solenoid valve and faulty air system relay.

Is this an O2 sensor? If not, where are they located?

Thanks in advance...
The OBDII spec has a bunch of universal codes, and then a set of numbers that are reserved for manufacturer specific codes (P1XXX).

With the manufacturer specific codes, the autozone scanners only store a few brands... In the case of whatever code you were throwing, they only knew the VW definitions I guess. I remember I once got some code reads and the only data they had for those numbers were from Suzuki or something like that.

Anyway, if the printout has the code somewhere on it (should be P1XXX or something like that), post it here and someone probably has a table with the BMW definition of that code. Or you can google it.
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