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Probably trading in my Glock 19 for a Glock 27 tomorrow.

I think I can get a decent trade price for the Glock 19. I just do not shoot it as much and prefer the Glock 21 for home and auto carry.

Will be getting a Glock 27 under the military/LEO price....$395 with standard sights. Will be a better carry weapon for me.

I did look at the Glock 26 as an option though. This will be a CCW gun for me.

Any Glock 26/27 owners here? Curious on your personal opinions of these tools.

I looked at the Kahr....nice but way too expensive....Kel-Tec is nice but I just have a thing for Glocks.

EDIT: And I do not want to start a caliber war with the 26/27....and the ammo difference for a carry weapon is not that much different between the 9mm and 40 S&W. This is a carry only gun, just minimal range time for practice.
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