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Originally Posted by GlockMan View Post
I carry a 26 when I need more than my S&W 638.

I usually use a 15 round (G19) mag in it.

Its a fantastic gun especially for its price and size.

I stuck with 9mm to match my other Glocks for mags, etc.

It shot great for me, put 200 rounds through usual with all the Glocks I have issues. The Kimber 1911 Raptor II though is a different story. Just hit 250 rounds on it today. Shot 50 rounds and had 3 FTL this time out of 50. Needless to say...not happy with it for reliability. Glad I got it as a range gun. A Glock will always be the one I trust my life with.

I have another Pierce grip on the way for the Glock 26. Works so much better in my hands with it. Also, Crimson Tracer will go on soon. Thing will fit in my jeans with the Pierce grip on it no problem...I do not wear tight jeans though. Love this gun and I like what the Gen 4 changes are.

Just my range report.
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