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Originally Posted by fgin View Post
Not sure if this is helpful but I had someone rear end me in Jan 2010.
Here is the story if you want to read it all

Charlie Battistie took care of everything and spoke with AAMI (at fault driver's insurance) and sorted everything out. They did a perfect job too including my request for an Mtech2 bumper. They charged me not a sent more than what it cost them on top of the standard bar. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Didn't have to involve my insurance (youi) at all.
All that told me is I'm pretty much screwed and need to change my insurance to someone else..
My excess + age excess is more than the quote to repair my car (*cough* repair my bumper and paint my new bonnet *cough*)!
If it wasn't for my friends $615.00 repair quote, I wouldn't claim it, but with the bill that high I suppose I'll need to now.
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