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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
As a former and never-again Kimber owner, allow me to impart what I learned about this issue:
I'm assuming you're getting stovepipe malfunctions.
Kimber cuts their chambers really tight. Their tolerances are tighter than most other companies, so you often see the stovepiping with factory ammunition. There are some models which seem to have more forgiving tolerances than others. Kimber claims that they have either Match Grade or Premium Match Grade parts, depending upon model. I think the "Premium Match Grade" models tend to be the most problematic. My Tactical Custom II only shot handloads reliably because I put tighter crimps on them. Kimber will claim it's bad ammo, or say that it's just because they use such exacting tolerances for match grade accuracy.
If you find a gunsmith that really knows their **** about 1911s, they'll be able to explain it to you better than I can. If you have couple thousandths taken out of the chamber, it'll be good to go.
In the meantime, get yourself an upgraded recoil spring. Kimber springs are only rated for 1500-1800rds, so you'll have to do it soon enough anyways. Hop onto and find a 17lb or 18lb spring. The heavier recoil spring will reduce the amount of stovepipes you'll get, though it won't eliminate the issue.
Or avoid all the problems and just get a Springfield....
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