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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
1yr Warranty w/ terrible Customer Service vs Lifetime Warranty w/ excellent CS.... what are you getting at here?

Sorry Carcus. If you aren't aware, I've had a lot of problems with Kimber. Between my Tactical Custom II and the 8400 Advanced Tactical .308, it's been an absolute nightmare owning a Kimber, and then dealing with them as many times as I have. People mention Kimber, and I open up my bottle of Hatorade.
Rob cohen ruined the company - and he's ruining Sig Sauer as we speak. It's fair to say in his job, he's been wildly successful. He grew Kimber from a relatively small well known 1911 manufacturer (series I guns were great) into something mass-produced with shoddy QC. Sig Sauer's been having QC issues all over too. Look at the debacle on their P220 internal extractors as of late, plus the flops known as their 1911 line, P250, P238. Sig used to have the "to hell and back reliability" as their motto....
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