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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
Went with the RainierArms Thunder Bolt. I wanted a Daniel Defense BCG, but DD said they won't be shipping them any time in the near future, as they prioritize their BCGs for their in-house guns first, and there is a massive demand right now for their guns and they're backed up. I was then going to go with the BCM BCG, but they're out as well. I did some research, and the RainierArms Thunder Bolt has all the MP testing, shot peening, and controls in place that BCM does. AND, their BCG is only $118 (LEO price, normal is $125) instead of $149. Actually a pretty good deal.
Nice! I ordered a Spikes BCG from AIM Surplus for my new build. I was initially looking to order the DD or the BCM, but I was able to get in on the $110 shipped sale. It should arrive today. Still waiting on my billet lower though, it's been five weeks.
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